Professional HD/SD IRD and Processor Module

As the up-to-date Wission’s professional IRD and HDTV Processor of WDH1000 series, WDH-1530P succeeds all functions from WDH-1510P, and exceeds the previous generation in terms of performance & functionalities. WDH-1530P could support two AC-3 audio or down-mixed PCM audio pass-through over SDI and AES-EBU. The integrated decoder complies with MPEG-4 (AVC high profile level 4.1) and MPEG-2 (MP@ML&MP@HL) standards. Depending on the hardware configuration, WDH-1530P is able to support various optional of reception for DVB-T2/T, DVB-S2/S, DVB-C, DTMB, ASTC, ISDB-T, TS over IP, and ASI input. Equipped with two CI slots, multi-descramble could be achieved by working with professional CAM modules. The descrambled stream could be delivered to the ASI output directly, or to the built-in re-multiplexer, or to the IP Output. Meantime, the decoded video could be outputted via HDMI, SDI with embedded audio, and CVBS (down scaled) interfaces. The built-in re-multiplexer could accept transport streams from tuner, ASI input, IP input, and the descrambled stream from CI slot, and output stream could be highly customized through the user-configurable PSI/SI regenerator. The compact design and the powerful decoding ability make WDH-1530P one of the most competitive modules in WDH1000 series.

Main Feature

• Factory optional for DVB-S2/S/C/T2/T, DTMB, ISDB-T and ATSC demodulations
• MPEG-2 (MP@ ML& MP@HL) and MPEG 4 Part 10 (AVC high profile level 4.1) standards compliant and decoding
• Wide choice of I/O interfaces, including ASI input/output, CVBS output, HDMI output, SD/HD-SDI output (embedded 2 pairs stereos audio), AES/EBU output, 10M/100M/1000M TS over IP input/output
• PLS(Physical Layer Signalling) function available on DVB-S2 tuner
• Single or Multi PLP(Physical Layer Pipe) function available on DVB-T2 tuner
• Built-in 1 TS re-multiplexer
• BISS 1 or BISS E decryption
• Dynamic PMT detection and automatic update
• Support Tuner, ASI input and TS over IP input redundance
• VBI TELETEXT, WSS and Closed Caption support over analog output or embedded in SDI
• 10M/100M/1000M Ethernet TSoIP Input and Output
• UDP/RTP & Unicast/Multicast for TS over IP input and output
• DVB (MPTS) and IPTV (SPTS) mode IP output
• Control and surveillance over WEB or HDMS software remotely
• Two DVB-CI slots, support multiple programs decryption
• Software up-gradable in the field easily through USB or update remotely by Web interface
• Support audio embedded in SDI output
• Support NTP(Network Time Protocol)
• Support16 groups of parameters configuration preset
• RSSI, received Eb/No & BER available on Web interface