WCP-3000 series bring compact, powerful, and flexible solutions that allow the users to build or update the CATV or DTV or IPTV headend to meet a variety of requirements of today's new network architecture. WCP-3000Pro is a 1U platform which is capable of transforming into any type of digital headend with six independent I/O modules and two extended modules. Each module can be configured individually to the encoder, demodulator, descrambler, or modulator. This full function device makes it ideal for small CATV or DTV or IPTV headend system, and it's a smart choice for hotel TV system, entertainment system in sports bar, hospital, apartment and so on.

Main Feature

• A variety of functional modules to build flexible headend combinations
• 6 Input modules and 2 modulating modules (factory option)
• H.265/H.264 Video encoding MPEG-1 Layer2(MPEG2-AAC)Audio encoding
• DVB-T / DVB-C / DTMB RF output
• Supports variety of input options DVB-S2/S/S2X/C/T/T2 demodulator and support 2-way CI descrambling
• WebRTC to UDP, SRT to UDP converting
• Video encoding with VBR/CBR
• Redundant power supplies
• PSI/SI editing and PID remapping
• MPTS/SPTS outputs over UDP/RTP
• Http management