8-Channel MPEG-2 SD Encoder

WHX-4800EC is an integrated 8-way high density MPEG-2 Encoder. Eight ways of Standard Definition (SD) base band real time A/V programs could be encoded simultaneously. These streams encoded could be re-multiplexed with the stream from its ASI input port. The final re-multiplexed Transport Stream (TS) is available at its Gigabit TSoverIP port and ASI output port.

Main Feature

• Compile with MPEG-1(ISO/IEC11172), MPEG-2 MP@ML(ISO/IEC13818)
• 8-way encoder with re-multiplexed integrated
• 1 ASI input (for daisy chain) & 1 ASI output
• Full duplex Gigabit TS over IP
• Video resolutions: 576i (PAL, SECAM) & 480i (NTSC)
• Redundant Power Supplies
• 19” x 1 U EIA standard chassis