4-Channel MPEG-2 Encoder and Modulator

WHX-4410EM integrates four real-time MPEG-2 SD Encoder modules, one re-Multiplexer and one Transmodulator module in one 19” 1RU chassis. It has four pairs of analog video audio inputs for encoding, one ASI input and one full duplex Gigabit TS-over-IP port. With built-in re-multiplexer, WHX-4410EM is able to re-multiplex those 4 SPTS streams encoded by itself and an additional MPTS from its ASI or IP input. The newly generated MPTS stream could be delivered to the QAM or COFDM transmodulator (factory optional) and finally output via RF port, or the MPTS could be also output via IP and ASI output port. WHX-4410EM is the most suitable deployment choice for any system in DVB, IPTV and Surveillance industries.

Main Feature

• Four pairs of analog video audio inputs for encoding
• Remux with 4x SPTS generated by 4x encoders, stream from ASI and IP input
• 1000 Base-T TSoIP port, supports Full-duplex and Multi-Channel IPTV output only operating mode
• Supports VBR and CBR encoding modes
• QAM or COFDM output factory optional
• Up to 120dBμV RF power level
• Remote Control and Supervision by SNMP and HTTP WEB
• Hot swappable redundant power supply unit