4-Channel H.264 SD/HD Encoder and Modulator

WHX-6410EM/6411EM is an integrated 4-channel real-time encoder re-multiplexer modulator. Four sets of A/V inputs are encoded and generated 4 Transport Streams (TS) independently. TS streams from the internal encoders, ASI input and TS/IP (TS_over_IP) input (duplex mode only) could be re-multiplexed into one MPTS ( Multiple Program TS), then modulated onto one DVB RF carrier, QAM or COFDM. This MPTS is also available at the ASI output & TS/IP output simultaneously. There are up to 5 streams encapsulated onto TS/IP output when TS/IP is configurated as Multi-output mode. In this mode, all 4 TS streams from internal encoder could be sent through the TS/IP port while the fifth IP slot could be fed with the internal re-multiplexer or ASI input. With a built-in RF back-up relay switch, any external RF signal could be fed to the main output for back-up in cases of internal malfunction (main RF level < 75dBuV) or power supply lost. WHX-6410EM/6411EM series are accommodated in 1U x 19” standard chassis with 2 redundant power supply modules.

Main Feature

• Comply with H.264/AVC HP@L4.1
• 4 independent real-time encoders
• Integrated 6-input TS reMUX, (4 for encoders, 1 for ASI in, 1 for TS/IP in)
• ASI & TS/IP outputs
• Up to 5 TS/IP output streams (200Mb/s Max.)( 4 for encoders, 1 for ASI mirrored or reMUX)
• 480i/NTSC, 576i/PAL, 720p,1080i & 1080p
• Constant Bit Rate (CBR) & Variable Bit Rate (VBR)
• DVB-C/QAM (ITU J.83 Annex A/C) or DVB-T/COFDM RF out, selectable
• 50MHz ~ 996MHz RF carrier output frequency adjustable
• 120dBμV Total Output Level
• RF Back-up loop through input (RF relay)
• SNMP & HTTP remote control & monitor
• Software could be upgraded with Web interface
• EIA 1U x 19” standard chassis with 2 redundant power supply modules