4-way Encoder/Transcoder Series

WDH-1550EC/1551EC are a series of high density H.264 HD/SD & MPEG-2 SD real time encoders/transcoders. This blade type design integrates 4 independent encoders/transcoders, 1 Re-multiplexer, 1 ASI_in, 1 ASI_out, and 1 Gigabit (GbE) TS/IP port. New MPTS could be generated with the built-in Re-multiplexer from any combination of services among ASI_in, TS/IP_in and the local encoders. HD-SDI and CVBS inputs are available as factory hardware options. All models provide two TS/IP operation modes. The first is “Full Duplex”, which allows one MPTS or SPTS inputted to make up a new MPTS with local encoders, then sends the new one over IP & ASI_out. In the second mode “Multiple output” which delivers up to five streams over IP. There are four un-stuffed SPTS (lower bit rate but less PCR accurate than normal SPTS, from local encoders) and one MPTS (from internal Re-multiplexer) over the IP with different Unicast or Multicast IP addresses. All models support transcoding function. They accept an MPTS and transcode up to 4 channels inside and the final output is formed as an MPTS and/or 4 un-stuffed SPTS.

Main Feature

• Compliant with H.264/AVC Baseline, Main & High Profile @ L4.0 or less & MPEG-2 MP@ML
• 4 independent AV inputs (SDI, CVBS, note: see Model List)
• Independent Encoding/Transcoding mode control
• Internal reMultiplexer, new MPTS is made up from ASI_in, TS/IP_in & Local Encoders
• MPTS remultiplexed and 4 local un-stuffed SPTS available over IP
• Video Input Resolution: 1080i, 720p, 576i, 480i (note: CVBS models support SD only, see Model List)
• Minimum Video Bit Rate 500Kb/s (Standard PAL or NTSC SD video, while total bit rate ~ 700Kb/s)
• Independent Vertical & Horizontal pixel scale
• Transcoding from MPEG2 to H.264/AVC & vice versa
• VBR & CBR mode for encoding/transcoding
• Audio coding: MPEG1 Layer II, MPEG2/4 AAC-LC , HE-AAC(note: see Model List)
• SNMP & HTTP WEB for monitoring & control