8-Channel H.264 HD/SD Encoder

WHX-6800/6801EC is a series of high density real-time H.264 HD/SD Encoders that can support up to eight High Definition (HD) A/V signals compressing and encoding simultaneously. These A/V signals can be fed into the unit via 8x SDI input ports as different factory options. The encoded streams can be then remultiplexed and output over its GbE IP and ASI ports. All models support Time Base Correction (TBC) to ensure the audio and video synchronization, the features necessary for the professional TV signal flow. The series provide two TS/IP operation modes. The first is “Full Duplex”, which allows one MPTS or SPTS inputted over 1 multicast/unicast to make up a new MPTS with local encoders, then sends out the new one over 1 multicast/unicast. In the second mode “Multiple output” which delivers up to 9 streams over IP. There are 8 un-stuffed SPTS (lower bit rate but less PCR accurate than normal SPTS, from local encoders) and 1 MPTS (from internal reMultiplexer) over the IP with different Unicast or Multicast IP addresses. WHX-6800/6801EC allows user to configure, monitoring and manage over the informative front panel and keypad, or Web interface, or SNMP based management software from 3rd party. This Encoder family presents brilliant picture quality, high density design, high stability system architecture, and the hot-swappable power supply.

Main Feature

• Compile with H.264/AVC HP@L4.0
• MPEG1 Layer II, MPEG2 AAC-LC, MPEG4 AAC-LC audio compression (see ordering information)
• 8-way real time encoder with re-multiplexed integrated
• Built-in re-Mux accepts up to 10 SPTS/MPTS (8 from local encoders, 2 from external input over IP and ASI)
• 1 ASI input (for daisy chain) & Redundant ASI output
• Full duplex Gigabit TS over IP I/O (under Full duplex operation mode)
• Up to 9 multicast/unicast output (under Multiple output operation mode)
• VBR and CBR encoding mode
• Free resolution downscale at same frame rate
• Redundant Power Supplies
• 19” x 1 U EIA standard chassis