Professional IRD and QAM/COFDM Transmodulator

WDH-4500P is a professional integrated receiver decoder together with a built-in transport stream processor. Equipped with a wide range of inputs of DVB-T/T2,S/S2,C tuner, ASI and TS/IP, it can be used in the satellite, cable, terrestrial and IP networks. It provides a powerful transport stream processing engine for re-multiplexing, descrambling, TS over IP encapsulation. It has 2 DVB common interface slots capable of working with most of well known CAS in the market to de-crypt multiple pay TV services. Its re-multiplexing capability enables creation of customized SPTS and MPTS output to IP and ASI ports. The WDH-4500P is also a professional a broadcast quality decoder for MPEG-2 Standard Definition format, and provides a wide range of industry standard digital analog video and audio outputs, CVBS, Component, AES/EBU, and SDI. This unique multi function architecture makes the WDH-4500P an ideal product for digital TV broadcast network.

Main Feature

• Multiple inputs DVB-S2/S/C/T,TS/IP, ASI, DS3(optional)
• SD MPEG-2 (MP@ML) digital Video decoding
• Digital audio embedded in SDI output
• Multiple Analog and Digital Outputs, ASI, CVBS, YPbPr, SD-SDI, AES/EBU , TS/IP
• Flexible re-multiplexing between ASI, Tuner and TS/IP Inputs
• RSSI, received Eb/No & BER monitoring
• 2× DVB-CI Slots, multiple TV programs decryption
• Dynamic PMT detection and automatic updating
• Support VBI TELETE×T, EBU/ DVB Subtitle
• UDP/RTP & Unicast/Multicast SPTS and MPTS over IP I/O
• Remote Control and Supervision by SNMP, HTTP WEB and Proprietary HDMS software