Re-Multiplexer and Scrambler Module

WDH-1520MX/DX is a series of high density advanced DVB transport stream re-multiplexer and scrambler modules. It can receive SPTS and MPTS from both GbE and ASI input ports. By using the user friendly web control interface, the input TS is demuxed to SPTS, then routed to the ASI and GbE output ports to build new SPTS and MPTS with PSI/SI regeneration or pass through. It can support up to maximum 256 PID or 32 TV services per TS with re-mapping, bypass, filtering functions. PCR jitter is improved by PCR correction and re-stamping features. As an advanced option, WDH-1520MX/DX can provide with DVB scrambling functions. It can support BISS-1, BISS-E and Simulcrypt modes by using the DVB common scrambling algorithm and built-in CW generator. With its multiple TS over ASI and IP input and output ports, flexible configuration and powerful TS processing ability, WDH-1520MX/DX is a key routing equipment that links the TV sources from professional IRDs and encoders to DVB modulators in the headend system.

Main Feature

• MPEG2 and MPEG4/H.264 TS Re-Multiplexing
• BISS 1/E, Simulcrypt mode Scrambling in advanced mode
• TS Input and Output from both ASI and IP
• ASI Input or Output up to 160Mbps
• TS/IP through GbE port up to 860Mbps input/output
• TS/IP in UDP/TCP/RTP, Multicast and Unicast modes
• Null packet insertion for TS/IP transmission
• Maximum processing of 32 services or 256 PIDs per TS
• Service, component, data de-multiplexing, filtering and re-multiplexing
• PCR re-generation and correction function
• PID and service remapping, bypass, filtering, conflict detection
• PSI/SI re-generation, insertion, NIT and SDT edition
• EIT bypass or re-generation
• TS Analyzer with TS, service bit rate and alarm supervision
• Web remote control and SNMP supervision